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The creative lady behind Lexington Design Company. I'm a creative thinker, lettering artist, designer, entrepreneur, and teacher. I found my love of creating when I was young and created this creative agency to help you learn and create in a welcoming, fun, and inclusive space. 

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was made from a passion of creating beautiful things. I'm here to help small business owners build a brand they're proud of.

I'm here to encourage others to find their creative nature through fun and easy-to-digest classes. 

LDC is here to be your single-stop design studio for all things creative.

Lexington Design Company... 


Shop fun prints, stickers, templates, and semi-custom logos for any budget. 


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No matter how you want to use lettering, I offer custom styles and finishes just for you.


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Graphic Design charged by the project to take your ideas to finished product. 



Packages that help your business grow with stunning visuals and templates.


I'm here to help you build a brand that's more than just a logo. 

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"Jacqueline was so wonderful to work with. She listened to my needs and was happy to work with me until we got my brand just right!"