Branding your business or self can be tricky. Standing out from everyone else takes a lot of thought, intention, and just the right amount of personality...
and that's why I love tackling branding projects.

And it's way more than just a logo. A brand is every visual and vibe that comes from your business. Let's chat about how your social media, online presence, packaging + deliverables, and more can all tell your story together.



No. 3 is the everything your brand needs to stand out. Including the previous package items, The Lexington offers an additional three social media templates, business card design, + one other marketing piece of your choice.


No. 3

No. 2 offers a little more charm than the basic. With everything that No. 1 includes, this package also offers a secondary logo, two launch graphics to share your new look, and two social media templates of your choice. 


No. 2

No. 1 is just what you need to get your brand quickly off the ground. This package includes a vibe board, primary logo, and branding board including font pairings, color codes, and pattern suggestions. 

No. 1



Are you looking for general design work by the hour? You're in the right spot! 

My design career started out right here, with freelance projects. I get excited with each new client project, because it's always different! No project is too grand or small, so let's start chatting about your next thing today.

Not sure if your project is right for hourly design work? If it needs a designer's touch, and not branding, it's definitely a good fit. Projects can be anything from business cards, flyers, social media templates, and media kits to trade-show booths, swag items, t-shirts, and more. Let's get creative and have fun!


If you're looking to start making your brand fresh and defined, fill out my questionnaire below and I'll reach out to you shortly.

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